JaneXLiaRC November: A Pslam For The Wild Built


This is my first time reading science fiction book and I enjoyed it. A Psalm For The Wild Built by Becky Chambers is a winner of the Hugo Award. This story is about monk & robot.

Dex is a tea monk, who listen to people who are having a discomfort and offer them the perfect cup of tea in a safe space. One day, Dex tired with work and strikes out into the wilderness and meet a Robot named Mosscap. They travel together and talk. Talk about true purpose and meaning of life that sometimes we constantly ask.

I enjoyed Dex and Mosscap talks during their travel. My favourite one is on page 141 […]
“Then how,” Dex said, “how does the idea of maybe being meaningless sit well with you?”
Mosscap considered, “Because I know that no matter what, I’m wonderful,” it said.


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